I almost lost my first adult job because I talked too much at the wrong times.  Asking questions and learning new things was a way of life for me early on and it affected those around me in different ways.  Some liked what I had to say, and some wanted to run from it. I learned to corral my words into ways that that my audience would receive it, like it, laugh at it, and most importantly — apply it.  

I decided that since I could not sing, yodel or juggle, I would learn to speak for a living since I love to perform.  I learned how to communicate effectively by working with the public in a real estate career. And after a year in Toastmasters I was ready to go out in public.  My first gig was with Monster.com speaking to Ninth graders. If you thought speaking in public was tough, try doing it for Highschool Freshmen. It was trial by fire!  They were kind to me and even laughed at most of the right spots! My speaking career was off! I definitely learned to overcome fear that year.

My life has been shaped by a combination of international experiences, a 30 year marriage, several sabbaticals, an inability to do housework and 2 fabulous children.  My husband and I have a goal to have a belly laugh every day before coffee and mostly we do. People we know hear us laugh in the grocery store and come find us. We love to laugh well and often.  I continue to learn how to laugh well as I host the Center for Realtor Development podcast for Realtors with the National Association of Realtors. And I am grateful for my editor who tweaks the volume down on my laughter outbursts.

We all have dreams and desires for our lives. Personal dreams and work dreams. We have to acknowledge what they are and what it takes to be who we want to be and do what we want to do.  And then we need to be intentional with our time, money and relationships to help us get there.

Having lived in Asia, homeschooled my kids (briefly), started and owned 3 businesses and traveled to 48 states and 20 countries, I could not have done this had I not decided I wanted to and committed to making what I wanted a reality.  

Every day each one of us gets up and decides to engage or not engage the day.  Whether that means work or rest. We get to choose. We have control and can make the changes we want that will get us where we want to go.  I have been doing that in every area of my life since high school. Funtentional Living is about choosing the life you want and living it well.

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Skills, awards and interesting tidbits:
Featured in Waylon Jennings videos – I started young.
Speak Conversational Chinese
Realtor of the Year in 2015 for the Williamson County Assn of Realtors
Podcast Host for the Center for Realtor Development Podcast
Connoisseur of Mountains and Back highways