Keynote or Special Event Sessions

Communicate and be Heard – 1 hour
Who knew one real estate transaction needed 15-30 people? Well, you knew that. Us too. We also know that everyone has four main methods of communication, minimum. Some people prefer to communicate in just one or two ways. Others cross lines easier. Some pay better attention to communication. Others get overwhelmed and miss the stuff that matters. Where’s the middle-ground? We’ll show you how to be the ultimate chameleon and adapt to varying forms of communication. It’s simple, if you know how.

Change is the New Norm – 1 hour
Back in the day, trends and market shifts progressed over tens or hundreds of years. Today, major culture and industry shifts happen in the blink of an eye. Technology has changed the industry, with new ideas and businesses emerging daily. We’re on a train showing no signs of slowing down. And no, you can’t jump off. The only way to adapt is to move, learn and grow withthe shifts. While so much is changing, one thing remains the same: Real Estate is about relationships. This course will show you how to live in real-time balance, and stay in-the-loop with research, news, new business models, and social media conversation.

7 Keys to Work-Life Harmony – 45-90 minutes (Keynotes)
Why did you become a real estate agent? Many do it for the freedom and flexibility. Ironic, isn’t it? How quickly this can turn into a 24/7, 365 job, serving people who don’t even know if they want help or not? Stress is a killer, which is why we want to show agents how to better allocate their time and manage their lives. You can create a balance – if you know how and choose to.

  • CRS – Certified Residential Specialist Courses
  • Converting Leads Into Closings – 1 day
  • Win-Win Negotiation Techniques – 1 day
  • Mastering Your Time to Achieve Your Goals – 1 day
  • Top of Mind Techniques to boost Your Brand – 1 day
  • Transforming Difficult Situations into Profitable Deals – 1 day
  • Succeeding in the Luxury Home Market – 1 day
  • 7 Things Successful Agents Do Differently – 1 day
  • CRS 200 – Business Planning and Marketing for the Residential Specialist – 2 days
  • CRS 206 – Technologies to Advance Your Business – 2 days
  • CRS 202 – Effective Buyer Sales Strategies – 2 days


Workshops – Potential CE courses

Pricing in a Shifting Market – 2 or 3 hours (CE)
If you think pricing for all houses is done just one way, think again. You see, every larger area is made up of mini-markets. Just because one mini-market shifts, doesn’t mean the others will too. Market shifts make pricing houses difficult. Everyone wants a good price. But – what price is “just right?” There’s no one answer to that. If you want to know which parts of a house hold real dollar value, this course is for you.

Top Tech Tools to Exceed your Clients’ Expectations – 1 or 3 hours

In today’s fast-paced world, your clients expect greatness. They demand fast, accurate information that exceeds their expectations, time and time again. But – how can you become a more efficient communicator? How can you meet their demands by providing the information they need – effectively and proactively? Simple. By enhancing your systems, you’ll let your clients know what to expect, while you stay ahead of the game. Give them what they need (your knowledge and their documents) 24/7, even when you’re sleeping. Ready?

Negotiate with Confidence and Skill – 3 hours
Let’s face it. You’re more than an agent. Your job is to show your clients that you can negotiate the perfect deal on their behalf. This is your chance to learn how to work effectively with your clients from start to finish. Even if they don’t fully understand their own needs and priorities, you’ll know how to help them figure it out. We’ll also cover market influences, how to strengthen a position, and how to escape a stalemate. Ready to gain an edge over your competitors?

Joining or Starting a Team: Benefit or Burden – 2 hours
Real estate can be an all-encompassing business without structured hours. A team system can alleviate some of that stress and create a better situation for clients and agents alike – or can it? What are the benefits for the agent and the client in starting a team or joining a team? And what are some of the potential problem areas? We will look at the most important things to consider in being part of a real estate team. Is it right for the agent? Is it best for the client?

Unleash Your Inner-Leader – 4 Hours
We’re always told that people are eitherleaders orfollowers. The fact is, we allface moments where we have to lead – whether we like it or not. Walking the leadership path can be terrifying, but it’s also a great way to challenge your limits and grow both personally and professionally. This class will analyze your strengths, weaknesses, and untapped potential, proving that anyone can become a great leader. With the right discipline, focus, and confidence, you can be too.

Know Thyself, Lead Better – 6 Hours
Feed your inner-leader with a supercharged dose of confidence, with the 6-hour version of the Unleash Your Inner-Leader class. Enjoy double the attention to detail, learning even more about where you are now, where you need to be, and what it will take to get there. Through self-awareness comes great prosperity.

Helping Buyers Navigate New Construction – 1 hour and 3 hours
New Construction Homes – Buyers love them because of the platter of goodies (benefits) they offer. Agents must see this as the major inventory source that it is, and provide to clients knowledge of the market and the process. Learn how to work as a team with the builder, listing agent, and your client. Understand more about the construction process, and how to keep your client calm from start to finish.

Run Your Business like a Business – 3 – 4 Hours
Have you ever considered the fact that being a Real Estate Agent means owning your own small business? If you’re not treating it as such, it’s time to make a change. This class covers what every small business owner must know to grow – from where income and business come from to budgets, growth, standards to set as an agent, and lots in-between. Through great planning and execution, you can and will become the best agent in town.

Success for the Sellers – 3 hours
This is an overview course to help agents succeed in the process of getting and selling listings. We will start from the first call to inquire, discuss the listing appointment, marketing the house and getting it to the closing table.

Setting the Stage for Buyer Success – 3 hours
This is an overview course to help agents succeed with buyers. Helping buyers is a process of learning what they need, supplying the information they need, and it isn’t always listed properties, and helping them on the journey of self-discovery that is house buying. It starts with the initial meeting and gets to the point of choosing the house.

Fair Housing Made Relevant – 3 hours
Fair housing violations are real, and too many agents find themselves potentially caught in one. Whether it is in ignorance or willful, it is illegal and wrong. Don’t know what you don’t know? Come and learn what you need to do to be compliant and helpful. Agents need to provide equal opportunity to everyone. This class will cover the ins and outs of Fair Housing Laws, common slip-ups, valuable case studies, and current hot topics.

Realtor Property Resource Overview – 3 hours
The AVMs, RVMs and showing consumers the difference course educates real estate professionals about real estate market research and valuation tools that consumers can access online and the pros and cons of automated valuation models. (AVM) The course covers how Realtors Property Resource® tools help real estate buyers and sellers make informed decisions, as well as how REALTORS® can combine their specific expertise with RPR Tools to benefit clients and customers before, during, and after the real estate transaction.

Getting Started with Podcasting – 90 Minutes
Do you want to start a podcast? This class will show you what you need to do to get it started right and what you need and who to buy it from. This is a very practical course to help you decide if having a podcast is a good decision for you and for your life. Agents will receive a Getting Started Checklist and Vendor list for all areas of interest to help them succeed in Podcasting.

REBAC and REBI Courses
ABR – Accredited Buyers Representative – 2 days
SRES – Senior Real Estate Specialist – 2 days
SRS – Seller Representative Specialist – 2 days
At Home with Diversity – 1 day
EPro – 2 days
Pricing Strategies: Mastering the CMA Course – NEW – 1 day
RENE – Real Estate Negotiation Expert Designation Course – 2 Days
Generation Buy – 1 day
New Home Construction and Buyer Representation – 1 day
Marketing Reboot – I day

Women’s Council Courses – These are all 1 day courses
• Effective Negotiating for Real Estate Professionals
• The Business of Your Business: Formula, Financials, Function and Freedom
• Harnessing the Power: Skills Based Performance Management