Sunday mornings can be hectic or still and beautiful.  When I am still and focused on beautiful, my mind is creative.  I am grateful.

I had an aha this morning that I want to share.  I am reading about Melinda Gates this morning in the Costco Connection magazine.  Their Blog is called  I love that for them, and for us – Impatient Optimists. Many of us are impatient, but are we optimists? The Gates have proven that they can get things done and I am so grateful they are active in the world with their money and influence.  Being that influential has it’s own stress though. I want to focus on the Optimistic part, and maybe think about patience for the rest of us.

Then, I was thinking about my own life and where I am at this point in my life. It all comes back to ourselves eventually doesn’t it?  And thinking that, due to my genes, I could easily live another 30 – 40 years.  I am still busy and starting new businesses, sometimes too busy, but I am an empty nester now, so that might be okay.  Some cool things are coming together in my life and that of my husband.  I don’t know what, if any, outside influence we will have with these fun things we are involved in.  I can’t say it doesn’t matter, but I can say that I am at peace with the result, mostly. Whatever it is.  My aha this morning relates to that feeling when you are young, that you have to do so much and you need to be “successful” (whatever that is) by 30 and Instagram promotes that you have to travel, go to concerts, buy cool stuff and spend time with your kids as well as hold down a full time job. I have felt like I wanted to “arrive” (again – whatever that is) my whole life.  I still want to have influence and be active in people’s lives and in the world, but….

That is where my aha comes in.  If I have 40 – 50 years to live as a productive adult, why do I think I need to “arrive” in the first 10 or even 20 years?  Why do I think I need to do it all in my 20’s?  I have learned and continue to learn so much just through living.  As I continue to live, I want to enjoy where I am in my life right now.  But I cannot do it all at the same time.  I cannot. We are all just one person and have the same amount of time in a day.

What can you do now? And are you enjoying it?  The next thing will be there in the right time.  Live one life at a time – not 4.  You have time to live life.  Share the fun of life with your whole person during your whole life. Be optimistic, and sometimes act on your impatience, but remember to be kind to yourself, or you may not get all those years to live.  Live Life Funtentionally!

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