Accomplish more and have fun doing it!

Monica’s Funtentional Presentations Include:

Real Estate

Being a successful, performing real estate agent takes good planning, education and execution. Improve your confidence, business and negotiation skills.  Raise your bottom line!


We all lead in different areas of our lives.  All of us have skills leaders need to have.  Learn to recognize what your skills are and how to tap into others to bring their best to the team for mutual success!

Life Management

We want to be successful in all areas of our lives.  That comes with intentional planning and self awareness of who we are and what our priorities are in our lives and each season we are in.

Monica’s Funtentional Presentations will help you

Laugh more
Lead with more focus
Communicate Better
Negotiate with the Goal in Mind

Funtentional Life Experience:
Monica and her husband Mark have been self-employed and managing their own businesses for 30 years, while raising 2 children and traveling the world for weeks at a time. They have had successful businesses in entertainment, graphic design, real estate and real estate investing, and speaking.  They welcome you to laugh at or with them.


Funtentional Results:
Each participant will have ideas from the sessions that they can implement into their businesses immediately.


Funtentional Training:
Monica is an award-winning Realtor who brings application, enthusiasm and results to each class session.